Hi my name Is Bella. I'm a God gifted born clairvoyant healer, with over 20 years  experience. With 99.9% accuracy I have helped people all over the GTA as well as in The EU and the UK. I have helped with the most difficult problems in life, where others have failed I have succeeded. I will help with all of life's problems such as:

  • Bad luck     
  • Negativity
  • Evil Influences
  • Karma
  • Jadoo
  • Voodoo
  • Odea
  • Molokia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks


Problems with Your Love Life?

I will help you restore balance in your love life and bring back the one you love and all of life's blessings,  with love, marriage success, with work,  family and so much more! I will help you with the questions you have been searching for! I will not judge you. I never sugar coat my readings, whatever I see in you, I will tell you the way it is.


Scarborough Psychics Specializes In

*Life coaching:  is helping you to move in the right direction, to help you make decisions spiritually, for you to move forward in life.

*Palm reading: The palm reading is a character reading.  It helps me to look into your present circle, looking at the lines on your palm, to tell you about your health, your happiness, your love life and how many children you are meant to have.

*Tarot cards: The tarot cards is a full life reading.  It shows me about your health,  happiness, love, life, work, business and financial.  It also shows me about the people in your love life and much more.

*Holy water reading: is a spiritual reading to help look into the future and also help to look into health and happiness.

*Full life psychic reading: this reading is the Tarot cards

*Eyes and aura: all in one for a full life reading and it'll help me to go more deeper into the questions that you were looking for.

*Chakra balancing: using special crystals and different types of materials to help to balance the body back to its natural order.

*Spiritual cleansing: using special anointed materials to help to cleanse your mind body and soul of all negativity to restore natural order to your body.

*Home Cleansing: Cleansing your home of all negativity to bring brightness and peace to your home.

*Handwriting analysis: using your full name and date of birth I am able to do a reading for you with your hand writing.


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We do House Parties and Events !

Scarborough Psychics offers house party services. A gathering of your friends or family for a psychic reading is always an insightful and rewarding experience for all. Readings can range from 15 to 30 min or be extended up to 45 minutes in length. The structure of each event varies depending on the groups requirements. There is a minimum attendance of 4 or more people.

Book A House Party

Private and confidential you will feel the difference from the first session. I am not judge mental. I will help you and whatever problem you have to restore happiness and balance in your life!

I'm located in Scarborough and am booking appointments from my house Near Markham road and Steeles, for more information please call today 647-828-7543 for a better tomorrow!

Our location

3 Solstice Dr., Scarborough On M1X 2B4

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